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When Henry Ford invented the first automobile in 1896, he never intended for it to run on gasoline. Ford,who was a farmer, knew what every farmer knew: that alcohol fuel could be produced from virtually any bit of fermented vegetable matter, known as crop ethanol. Actually, when Ford produced the first Model T in 1908, he expected ethanol would become the major automobile fuel. However, gasoline became the dominant fuel source for automobiles in the early twentieth century due to intensive lobbying by petroleum companies and a supply of cheaper petroleum thanks to oil field discoveries.
Nearly a century later, supporters of alternative fuels are still struggling to get their ideas through to leaders of the world’s most powerful countries. Nino De Santis is the CEO and president of Tectane and a former Senior Technology adviser for the United Nations Association USA. Tectane Corp. is an environmental technology company that has been in existence since 1979. For more than 20 years, the company has been involved in research and development into alternative sources of energy, more specifically finding other sources of automotive fuel. Tectane tries to focus on two main issues: finding new engine technology in order to increase fuel efficiency and decrease greenhouse emission and alternative fuel sources from a plant known as hybrid sweet sorghum. Faced with today’s current climate crisis and the astronomical cost of gas, De Santis believes the time is right for his company to make a real breakthrough with the world’s leading countries.

Although De Santis has faced many obstacles by some of the world’s major powers, he believes he now holds a solution that will help motorists deal with the astronomical price of gas while helping clean the environment. Tectane owns the rights to the H2O Catalyst system, which consists of a supplementary injection pump, tank and hoses to be attached to an engine and delivers water and alcohol into a car’s engine when the engine heat reaches 1600 degrees Fahrenheit.
According to De Santis, this system can increase horsepower by 15 per cent, increase gas mileage by up to 35 per cent and increase engine life by approximately 40 per cent. Environmentally, the end result is significantly cleaner emissions by 40 to 80 per cent. The catalyst system can easily be installed into any car and that can be used for both, ethanol-based fuel or natural gas, also known as straight-cut fuel with an octane level of 75.This will allow any driver to save on gas prices and help clean up the environment. The best part is that the part itself costs less than $50. “This is a simple system and we can adapt it to any car,” De Santis says. “It would cost a mechanic about $300 to install, but it pays for itself within a short period of time in fuel improved fuel consumption.

Private Placement Investments for the monumental news, this week of Fossil Fuels being banned by the G7 - Countries within 85 years, offers enormous opportunities in the Futures Market.

The G7 mandate positions our UN recommended Energy Alternative of AQUAHOL (Alcohol/Water) to offer huge investment returns, at this time in history.

Interested parties may email us for our Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) at   or call me direct at (514) 797-AQUA (2782) in Montreal, Canada until September, when we will list on the International Electronic Stock Exchange in Bermuda.

Finalist for the 2015 World Bio Markets Industry Champion Award (Europe)
Nominated for the 2015 Innovation Award by the Zayed Future Energy Prize, Abu Dhabi (UAE)
Winner Best Ecological Invention against the Electric & Hydrogen Cars 1991, LA, California (International Inventors Foundation)



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U.S. Air Force and H2O Injection: Tectane CEO Nino De Santis with the Mustang P-51 fighter plane equiped with the original H2O Injection system. " The P-47D was much like the P-47C except that H2O injection was made standard for more prolonged combat power, permitting 2300 HP at 27,000 feet. With this capacity it was the ideal fighter" But since the mandat from the UN is for clean air, the emphasis is now on the environment rather than power.

Pilot's manual, forward, P-47 Thunderbolt



clean steam

The United Nations recognized the Aquahol Industry as sustainable in 1994: 

26 August 1994
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