Yes ethanol/water, but why sweet sorghum?      


The attached photo on the left shows alternative lumber products, processed with the separated fiber shell of sweet sorghum crops. The woman standing next to a sample of the sweet sorghum, illustrates how high sweet sorghum grows. It is also able to grow in 120 days, which means all year in warm climates. The fiber has also demonstrated its ability to be compressed into hardwood standards and suitable for low cost housing. Technologies are also available to make it waterproof and fire - resistant. A sample of Wave Boards or panels is shown the photo. It can be used for roofs and offers faster, stronger construction. Pre-Fabricated Houses have also been built and offer construction in 3 days with 3 men. Panels are all made into composition compression walls and roof.

One acre of land can supply enough sweet sorghum to build a 2 bedroom house.

If corn can yield 350 gallons of ethanol by acres, sweet sorghum will give 500, plus it adapts much better to harsher climates, and is economical very feasible, even the top grain can be used to give cereals and animal feed.