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  1. Obtained Patent Partnership for a H2O/ Alcohol/ Gasoline Patent, from Norman Waag, a former Sr. R&D Aeronautical/ Mechanical Engineer with the Giant TRW Corporation, that designed the original H2O Injection System for the U.S. Fighter Planes- Mustang and Thunder-bolt. It increased the engine power by 300H.P.

  1. De Santis received National U.S. Publicity for DOUBLING the Mileage on a Florida POLICE Car. Later Marriott Hotel signed a Testimonial Letter, showing a 40% increase on a Station Wagon Fleet Car. Pepsi Cola Bottling Company announced a 30% saving on a delivery Truck.

  1. Quaker State Franchisee of Florida- Ross Oil, sold over 10,000 units to Dealers, Garages & Stores


  1. Congressman Dante Fascell of Florida caused the U.S. Dept. of Justice- Anti Trust div., to conduct an Investigation on the behalf of De Santis; whereby Investigative Reporter Jack Andersons, revealed that the Major Oil Companies were influencing American Policy not to burn Alcohols.



President Jimmy Carter signed the “Alcohol Energy Security Act,” to promote Energy Alternatives from Agriculture.

Gasohol” a blend of 90% gasoline and 10% ethanol (alcohol) was introduced.


ADM Corporation promoted Corn Ethanol, since the Company was the Corn King of America.

Former President Jimmy Carter’s Administration knew that Corn Ethanol was not cost effective, since subsidies of 53¢ a gallon were paid by the Federal Government. His Agricultural Administration developed “Sweet Sorghum Crops” that were cost effective and offered valuable by products for Lumber and the Food Chain. Sweet Sorghum has a Grain Seed Flower Top that offers Cereal, Bread, Flower or Animal feed. It is also yields 500 gallons per acre instead of the 300 gallons from Corn.

It grows every 120 days and does not require as much fertilizers or pesticides. It grows where other crops cannot grow, with much less need for irrigation.

1983-1985- Car Industry begins computer codes that prevent pre- program changes of Fuel Flow adjustments; thereby making it extremely difficult for engine modifications of the Fuel Flow, Distributor Advance, Mass Air Flow and Knock Sensor. This Computer Code Lock, was not available to Dealers, making it almost impossible for the original H2O/ Alcohol/ Gasoline Patent to increase Mileage, without Hacking or by passing the Computer!

1985- 1990- De Santis attempted to develop the Sweet Sorghum Alternative in Florida and  the Caribbean Islands. Brazil was promoting Sugarcane to Ethanol and was not interested

in competition that could grow Worldwide and Yield more Ethanol and By Products.

Their Influence in the Ethanol World, was as strong as the Oil Industry, in the Oil World. ADM had already locked in Deals and Partnerships, with the American Oil Industry, for the Mandated “Gasohol” Blend.

Meanwhile, since 1980; under the Jimmy Carter Administration, the System of Alcohol and H2O Injection, classified as “ AQUAHOL” (U.S.D.A. Feature Bulletin # (771-80) that was noted as being 8 times more effective than “GASOHOL”, was completely ignored, avoided and even refuted by popular Magazines suck as Popular Mechanics!

1991- 1994- De Santis & Company moves from Florida to California. Another T.V.

Announcement is shown with a Rolls Royce on the “Earth Man” T.V. Show, from a Major Network. Not one phone call of interest is obtained from the Network!

The E.P.A Certified Labatory of Southern California conducts conflicting tests. One test shows a 25.2% increase in Mileage, on a small 4 cylinder engine, while another test claimed an increase in emissions by 50%. The California State Government orders a stop of sales.

Meanwhile, the Electric Car Industry and Hydrogen Program each encounter numerous oppositions to their Technology. The recent Film “ Who Killed The Electric Car” exposed California, as a villain to Energy Alternatives, with the same Political Influence on Energy Policy, as Congressman Dante Fascell of Florida, suspected. Nevertheless, De Santis is appointed as a Sr. Tech Advisor for the U.N. Assoc. California.

Former V.P. Al Gore’s Film “An Inconvenient Truth “also testifies that Major Oil Companies influence Energy policy with Political Contributions.


1994- 1996- De Santis moves to S.E. Asia, to attempt development of the H2O System & Alcohol with the Kosa Group in Thailand that is Partner’s with the Mitsui Group of Japan.

 Demonstrations are  made with the King of Thailand, only to be sabotaged. The news  media announced that the engine overheated! This factor is a contradiction to the basis of the Technology, that was used by Race Cars, to reduce the risk of overheating.

De Santis attends the U.N. Climate Change Convention in Geneva Switzerland and confronts the U.S. Delegation on “AQUAHOL”. The director replieds that AQUAHOL causes rust and that is why it was not adapted. I replied, “ that is a contradiction to the Studies of the Society of Automotive Engineers and the fact that the U.S.A. used it in its Fighter Planes! The Director refuses to continue discussions! Nevertheless, the U.N. Trade & Development- New Commodities Div., released a recommendation for its use!

Presentations to the Governement of Mexico are made, with the result of Letters of Invitation, China also request the Development from the the World Bank Global Environmental Facility. No funds were provided.

1996- 2009- De Santis returns to Canada, after Prime Minister Jean Chretien signs the “Alternative Fuels Act”

Presentations are made to the “Green Team” of the Government, only to be stopped in progress, from a Fire alarm, during the presentation. A new presentation appointment was never given.

De Santis installs a system on a Montreal Government Vehicle, but can not receive supply from Petro- Canada; for “Straight Cut Gasoline, that is much cheaper. Supply, is denied, when the Head Office hears about it!

De Santis stays in Canada, because the Pulp & Paper Giant “Cascade” Corporation, shows interest in developing the Sweet Sorghum for Pulp/ Paper. Studies are conducted in both Canada and N.Y. State, with Farmers.

Conclusions show that the Fiber of Sweet Sorghum (Separated from the Juice) can be used for Pulp/Paper and be cheaper, but only if Alcohol is also produced as a by product.

Cascade agrees to potential purchase agreements for the Fiber, but has no interest in developing the fuel Alcohol Projects

Canadian Banks are approached for the Financing of the Fuel Ethanol Projects, but refuse on the Basis, that Fuel Ethanol is too much of a risk.

2005-2012- De Santis lobbies the Philippine's government, the Agrarian Reform Departement, and obtains two letters of intent from the government


2009-         De Santis moves to Dubai; where the Capital of the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E

            Abu Dhabi; has initiated the Worlds first Carbon Free City (MASDAR).

Presentations are pending Studies for the replacement of the Catalytic Convertors with the H2O Injection System.

The Supply of Cheap Clean Straight Cut Gasoline has not been considered.

Recently, the International Renewable Fuels Association has also been opened in Abu Dhabi. Proposals are also pending.

Finaly and Ironically, Iran has indicated the most sincere and serious interest; since my visit there recently.

It will be shameful to the World, if after 30 years around the world, Iran shows the World, who is truly sincere for Clean & Cheap Fuel.



It is my 30 year experience, that Greed by the Oil Industry and their Financial Power, to Manipulate Energy Policy, has caused an Atmospheric Gas Chamber. Governments, Worldwide and Citizens, are all guilty, for allowing them to do it. Benjamin Franklin, once said, “ that when men act as sheep, they get eaten, by the wolves “.

Acid Rain, Ozone Hole, De-Forestation and Global Warming, are all caused by Greed.

One Holy Book says, “ the love of money, is the root of all evil “. I agree ……..


Nino Mario De Santis C.E.O 

Former Sr. Technology Advisor

United Nations Assoc. U.S.A. (California Chapter)

Nominated Ecological Entrepreneur 1997 (Canada)


 Aquahol Injection Incorporated  (USA)


Please Note:

Many of my enemies have and will continue to discredit me and this technology.

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